Aeotec multisensor 6 battery consumption and options

I paired the Aeotec Multisensor battery powered. I wake up the device every 1800s=30min to update the measurements. The installation place is such that I can’t get the USB powerplug nearby.

My calculations for battery capacity is as follows:

According to manual:

  • If the MS6 is triggered 20 times per a day, using 2 batteries, the MS6 will last 1.5 years on battery life
  • If the MS6 is triggered 200 times per a day using 2 batteries, the MS6 will last around 2-3 months.

Two batterie capacity is 3000mAh at 3,0V = 9Wh.

One triggering should use about 9Wh/(20trigger x 365d/a x 1,5a)=0,822mWh/trigger.

I’m triggering the device 48 times per day, and use the room about 1h a day so during that time the device triggers about every 20s. So total of 48trigger+1h x 60min/h x 60s/min x 1trigger/20s=228triggers/d.

So I’m using 228triggers/d x 0,822mWh/trigger=188mWh/d, so double battery should deplete in 9000mWh/188mWh/d=48days. That’s really fast. I hate using batteries.

So I thought that why not use a USB battery pack with higher capacity. I had a battery pack with 37Wh capacity. My calculations were:

37000mWh/188mWh/d=197days. Okay some power will be lost in the battery pack convert from 3,somevolt to 5V USB. Let’s say 10% is lost which is alot, so the battery will last for 177days. That’s nice, let’s go for it.

I tested it with one full USB battery pack charge. It took 7 days to deplete the battery pack :weary: :crazy_face:

I think most of the energy will be used inside the battery pack electronics, but other than that I have no idea where the energy is drained. Can someone elaborate how this is possible?

I will test it again. Let’s see if it is consistent.

You forgot 1 thing, that is if you connect it through a USB connection, it will turn itself into a mains powered routing device, so it will not go to sleep like it would on battery power, constantly draining your battery pack, including all the routing it might do.

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Will it do that when I have paired it with battery power?

I was under the impression that you have to pair it with USB power if you like it to act as router and this is not changed after the pairing whatever power you use.

If it isn’t so then I can understand why the consumption is so high.

Usually devices don’t do this indeed, but the multi-sensor 6 does, it is the only device that i know that does this on the fly.


Thank you @Caseda.

So the measurement checking interval is actually 10s according to the manual when USB powered. 24h/d x 60min/h x 60s/min x 1trigger/10s=8640 triggers/d x 0,822mWh/trigger = 7,1Wh/d. And 37Wh/7,1Wh/d = 5,2d. Sounds about right.

Damn. Back to the drawing board.