Aeotec Key fob gen5 - something went wrong

when I try to add the device it says ( something went wrong )

i install Aeotec V1.6.7 from the app store

Can someone help me

Having the same problem.

The Key fob is connected but nothing happens!

No answer from developer or manufactor =
DON’T BUY FROM AEOTECH!!! :frowning:

Written to their support today.
Lets see how service minded they are. :slight_smile:

@Attefall Did yo change the remote’s mode?
See manual page 4

Many thanks for that @Osorkon. I was just about to get crazy with this keyfob…

Now it works great!

I have a similar problem using homey bridge. After connecting the remote it doesn’t get recognised by the system. Yes per default it’s in setup mode, but either scene or group mode work either.
No reports of buttons oder battery. When I try to remove it from the network it tells me wrong device being removed.