Aeotec Heavy Duty Switch does not display POWER value

I have a couple of Heavy Duty Switches and none of them display any value in the POWER column. Any idea on what might cause this or is there some setting I’ve missed perhaps?

I have the same problem and sent about it 19/3 and hope to get some answer.
So will inform you later about it.

Ok, I also sent a support request this morning. Hopefully they have a solution for it. Will post here when I get feedback.

try to install my app
It works fine

Interesting! Can I just install this over the official App? Do I need to re-add everything? Please advise, don’t want to break my existing setup. (Especially when there aren’t any backup solution available for Homey, yet at least.)

Thank a lot, works fine now :slight_smile:

any updates on the Heavy Duty switch compatibility? We have tried the 3rd party mentioned above and this doesnt work either.

Had the same.problem, suddenly one day I woke up, so did power meter