Aeotec App does not trigger Multisensor 6 "Humidity becomes below" 'When' card

I think since v3.2.1 (7 days ago) from Aeotec the ‘When’ card “Humidity becomes below” is not always triggered when humidity passes from the value above to a value below what is set in the card. It appears to sometimes work and i suspect that the card logic is failing because it somehow only triggers when the actual humidity value is on the value set in the card and then falls below where as when the actual value is above the value on the card and then the next value is below the value on the card the card is not triggered. I wanted to work around this by using an ‘And’ card that would be something like “Humidity is below” but that card does not exist for some unknown reason.
Has anyone else seen this behaviour as well (that the ‘when’ cards are not reliably triggered?
Also the “Support” link in the Homey App store for this Aeotec App goes to an “404” page, even when i submit a ticket on Aeotec’s website after clicking submit it is ending an a “404” page.
Has Athom/Homey actually contact with the developers of the app and are they checking that the information in the Homey App store is valid?

That trigger card is automatically generated inside Homey, so if it doesn’t work appropriately for you, you’ll have to contact Athom (

As for the AND column, you’ll need to use Logic cards, like explained in this topic

As for the support link of aeotec, that has worked before, so they probably messed up on their end for that page, I’ll see if I can contact aeotec about that.

(They already responded, they have some server issues currently, you can contact them on

@Caseda Thanks for this!
I have now send an e-mail to about this.
I will also make a backup-workaround-flow using Logic cards to re-inforce the unreliable flows every minute.