Aeonlab Multisensor 6in1 firmware update

It seems that this sensor must be updated OTA or by an aeonlab usb stick.

I do not have the last one and the first option should be done by the controller (Homey), on the aeonlabs support website is no information how to do this using homey.

Anyone an idea how i can update the firmware of this sensor using homey?

As far as I am aware, you can not. You will need a windows machine and a USB stick.

Hi @B3rt a few seconds search on the forum gives you the answer.


Yep, that is how I did it.

That sucks…

I do not have a zwave usb stick, so i simply cannot update it :frowning:

I bought an aeonlab stick 2nd hand for 30 euro’s and after updating the sensor I sold it again for 35 euros… :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont know about your local seller, but in Australia our sellers are selling off the older modal (which would meet your requirements), for a fraction of the price of the new modal.

You don’t even have to have a Aeotec z-wave stick, it can be any z-wave stick, myself also have a cheap 30 euro generic z-wave stick (new price), and that is enough for updating