Advanced Flows goes crazy


so i created a big advanced flow,
And it just goes crazy, firing events without reason

I suppose i hugely missed the point?

Hi @Viking42 ,
If it is you first Advanced Flow you already created a ‘spaghetti monster’. :joy:
Pleas tell us what is going wrong, what is the complete situation, what did you expect and what happened.
Did you check the events manually? Then you can see, which paths it takes.
Unfortunately it is hard to determine the exact connections between the second column and the ALL cards.
I doubt, I would suggest to create a distinct Flow for the event that is going wrong and when it going well to try to reintegrate it again.

This was the same idea what I had.
To make it clearer to read before we can answer you question.

Straight lines up/down.
More room to see where lines going like Dirk says.

The flow would be much clearer and easier to read if all push notifications were removed. These are only used for information purposes and have no relevance for the flow. You can duplicate, deactivate and edit the flow, so nothing would be happen with the original flow.
Apart from the other, the quality of the screenshot is pretty bad. However this part of the flow is definitely wrong:

The flow card The time is between 17:31 and 22:00 is condition card (And…). This card must be triggered by another card on the left-hand side. So this part of the flow will never work like it is.