Advanced flow met timer/wacht

I have an advanced flow for my central extraction. If all switches or data Co2 switch off their respective virtual switch, then the extraction will only return to position 1 after 5 minutes.
And with those 5 minutes I think I have a problem. It seems like everything is off on e.g. the lighting of the toilet and I turn it off, I now get to check that the extraction goes off after 5 minutes. the timer is then counting down. If I now turn on the lighting in the shower within 5 minutes, my extraction will go off after those 5 minutes. is there anything i can do about that?

I think you want to make the timer cancel if any of the states changes during these 5 minutes right?

I had the same problem with my windscreens and got the tip to use CountDown App voor Homey | Homey here you can start a timer, and with another flow cancel the timer again if the state changes during the timer. When the state changes back again the timer will restart. So for an easy example:

of the value goes below this value during the timer:

If the timer is complete it checks the value once more and continues with the flow:

Hope this helps finding a solution for your issue. If you need help setting it up just ask. :slight_smile:

Edit: little extra tip that I didn’t install correctly at first. Don’t add the action you want to happen directly after the timer since it will just start the timer and afterwards it do the action anyways. Make a new IF timer end → action

Thanks I’ll try to set it up with the countdown.
I’ll let you know what the result is. maybe it’s only tomorrow

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