Advanced flow executing, slower than via normal flow


I used several variations of the normal flows via Homey and recently started creating new flows in the Advance flow set up. I like the usability of the advanced flows and it will simplify the overview of my flows. However I do have an issue with the “response speed” of the advance flow once triggered. Especially if I compare it with the normal flow.

I tried to simplify it into a straightforward example: If I push the “on” button of a Hue 4-button light switch, it switches Kitchen light to a DIM of 100%.
(At the bottom you can find the example screenshot - only allowed to add one screenshot)

If I run the advanced flow by hitting the “ON” button on the Hue switch, it takes the advanced flow almost 3 seconds to execute. I also created the same action via a normal flow. It then takes approx. between 1-2 seconds. You really notice a difference in response time as of the moment you hit the “on” button.

Therefore, in order to avoid “noise” in the testing, I also used the “test” button in the online homey interface, in both the advanced flow and normal flow. The difference in response time remains almost the same (simply clocked - not via professional measuring mechanisms)

I do notice, if I test the normal flow, the cards get ticket quite fast (with the green check mark).
With the advanced flow, I see the “queue bar” at the bottom running from 0 to 100%, which I think takes (too) long per card. Especially when the complexity of the advanced flow increases.

As there something I can do about this? Did I miss anything?
I hope anybody has some ideas about it.

(FYI: Homey Pro - early 2019, Storage approx 40% full, memory approx 65% full)

Thank you in advance.

Advanced Flow

Pleas doe not use this as a reference, For AF it “simulates” the flow with animations.
that is not representative for normal flows executions.
See my test with 25x Delay 0 Sec. / ANY / ALL
These Hops don’t take any serious time in flows, only in Test / Simulation.

Standard Flows start all “Then/Else” Actions at the same time, where in AF you probably chain them.
But there should not be a real big difference between fe the flow you shared in AF or in Standards Flows.

Thank you for pointing out the simulation is not showing a representative speed. That wasn’t clear to me. Also the reference to your (test) topic is helpful.

Then it’s probably caused by something else I need to review first. Maybe due to a change I did via the Hue hub related to the Hue 4-button (added it via the Hue hub, but as device only - not with the button logic, which I want to do via AF).

Thanks for your input!

Eliminate the Hue Bridge for the button, I guess it is polled or is just slow. Is it possible to connect a button local to homey using Zigbee of Z-Wave? (Better than FR433 as fe KAKU)