Advanced Flow — Community Q&A (from Ask Me Anything 05-07-2022)

Update: nevermind my babbling below here… it was me forgetting to typecast the “now” variable from Date to String… :crazy_face: (though original Homeyscript let me get away with it…)

I try to read information from my solarpanels by reading http://envoy.local/inventory.json via HomeyScript and creating tags out of them that I then assign to Variables.
I create both number-tags and a text-tag.

With AF you can do “Execute HomeyScript”. So I copied in that HomeyScript, but unfortunately it fails…
That has to do with me setting two types of tags (number & text).

I can imagine people having HomeyScript - pasted as code into AF - that creates multiple tags of varying type.
Will that be supported in AF directly (it works with a stored HomeyScript that is executed and then assign to Logic-text and Logic-number vars in AF).

Or anyone a suggestion on how to do this in “Execute HomeyScript” in AF?

Emile has shown in the video how to use HomeyScript and tags.
Seems to be very easy to use inline script in the AF card.

These scripts should work the same. Could you share the full script and error so it’s visible what is going wrong.

If you test the flow, can you actually follow the flow on to a card that changes the value?
In other words, is the problem in the flow or in the VW app?

It looks like it is Line 52 that is causing the error. How is now defined?
It looks like it might be a date but I don’t think you can use dates in tags so do you convert that to a string somewhere?

Here a screenshot of the flow, when i test it.
Like you see there are no errors.
But he will not change the value of the max charging level.

In the normal flow type, it will change the value.

That is strange indeed. If it does not update I would expect an error in the VW card or app, maybe in combination with advanced flow.

@Ysald_Zuidema without advanced flow it works?

Not sure where to put feedback. But After a couple of days with advanced flow I’m in love. One quirk that kind of annoys me (graphical, not functional) when using variables, the are visualized differently in different cards. Skärmavbild 2022-07-04 kl. 20.59.07

And a couple of things I would love to see as new feature:

  • Replace an item with the item in copy buffer
  • Drop an item on a connection and have it merge into that connection
  • (and as a consequence) be able to move a connection from one connection-point to another (from true to false …)
  • A teleport item-pair - (invisible connections) to allow connections to go from one end of the sheet to another without a line crossing the entire thing.
  • And on the same note. the possibility to make sub routines with “go-to”, “start/label” and “end/return” items.

But still - the advanced flow is like magic for the Homey.

Yes, see below one of 7 or 8 flows thats adjusting the max charging current.

Do you need something that you van check something in your app @martijnpoppen or is this something for the developers of Advanced flows?

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@Ysald_Zuidema you can send me a report.

More - apps - VW We-connect - settings wheel right top - send diagnostic report

I’ll come back to you in a DM with the results. To keep this thread on topic :slight_smile:

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Yes it is. I used it in other occasions already.

Yes exactly… problem exists between keyboard and chair… :crazy_face:
Apparently my “script” version of this piece of code completed successfully, but here it throws an error. And correctly so.
The moment I watched it a bit closer it is the lack of typecasting the Date variable “now”.
It of course has to be :

let now = new Date()
await tag('RIGHTNOW', now.toString())
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See my post above here… me forgetting to typecast was the problem.

Hi Emile,
As I see it ALL is the same as “AND” in the way that all have to report 1 to continue.
My problem is that if one imput is “0” I want another action.
Is there an NotAND or NotOr?

I do not agree, ALL waits for multiple triggers coming in, but the ̶t̶r̶i̶g̶g̶e̶r̶s̶ ̶ Conditions make up the AND and the ALL only makes the asynchronous working out of it continue synchronous .
So it waits for all incoming triggers it doesn’t have any other condition.

See [FAQ][Advanced Flow] Infinite canvas. Infinite creativity - #89 by Dijker

You should use the other outputs of the conditions to create the other (OR, XOR, … ) conditions but for above example, what is one answers, and the other doesn’t … There is no “ELSE” possible in that ALL card, You have to create another path between conditions.

Hi Peter.
No, Standard Flows and Advanced Flows are separated. You have no ability to copy/paste between them, there is no converter and there is no ability to way to “drag” something from the one to the other.

You can however start ANY flow from ANY flow, and this includes between Standard and Advanced Flows.

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Here the report.
I had see that the car had changed the Max current charge.
But not that often that i want.

Hi Henk,

Start the same flow with a delayed (the snooze time) “start a flow” card. The flow should have a ‘start button’ and a ‘this flow was started’ trigger.
Just theory though :sweat_smile:
Now it’s Youtube time…


I think it works as in the past, loops are not forbitten. Loops will recognized and homey stops the flow if a flow is called to often.

Just an example of a flow which calls itself with its start tag again: