Additional If Card for Sockets (Toggled status)

I have Neo coolcam wall switches (which are of type Socket), but have not wired the relais in them. Instead I have flows which turn Hue lights on at a specific color and brightness depending on the time of the day. at this moment I have 2 flows doing exactly that, 1 with ’ Gebeurtenis: Aangezet’ and 1 with Gebeurtenis: Uitgezet’

While this is nice, for most of the ’ Socket’ devices in my Homey I now have 2 identical flows, except for the action card which triggers it. To reduce the amount of flows I have to administer I’d love to see a new action card: “Toggled state”, or “Geschakeld”. Which would trigger in case the device is turned on, but also in case it is turned off.

Is there a possibility to introduce this new action card?

Fibaro switches have a ‘Switch Scene’ Trigger, inside of which one of the options is simply ’ pressed/switched’. Does the NEO have the same?

Though I agree a trigger of ‘state changed’ with in the ZWave driver could be useful.

This way you mean?

@Jamie unfortunately not. For Neo it is only aangezet or uitgezet.

@Marcel_Ubels kind of but not exactly. It looks like that card is specifically when pressed on is clicked. My idea would be to have it trigger when it is toggled, so not only on “on”, but both “on” and " off".

This currently is not an option for the NEO switches, but also not for Fibaro Wall plugs (which are also of type Socket)

Could this help?

  1. Relay On/Off Status Saved Enable
    This parameter defines the on/off status of relay is need to save or not. The status will be saved when relay status is changed if this parameter is set to ‘1’; otherwise the relay status is not saved. The wall switch will restore the relay On/Off status previous when power on again.

Still not exactly what I mean, I’ve done some terrible paint job but this should explain

Now I have the two scenes on the left. Instead I’d like to have a new card which would trigger in both aangezet and uitgezet, such that those 2 scenes could be merged into 1 (on the right)

If the status of your relay is not saved, there will be only one status. In that case you only need 1 flow because the status will not change. I agree that your trigger can add something to homey. Nice paintjob btw.