Adding Xiaomi temp sensor to Homey


Just install the application from the Homey App store.



Did you flashed the sensors with the custom firmware?
The sensor needs to be modded with custom ‘ATC’ firmware using ATC441 advertising format.
For that please visit GitHub - pvvx/ATC_MiThermometer: Custom firmware for the Xiaomi Thermometers and Telink Flasher and you can use the Telink Flasher to flash the firmware.
After flashing, don’t forget to set the ATC441 advertising format.
The app will filter the dicovered devices by their UUID (0x181A) and will list the devices by their name.

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Thanks for the information,

I hadn’t actually flashed my devices, but now I have.

The devices are now detected by Homey and added to my home.
However I have very strange values (I don’t live on Mercury haaha):

Hey again :slight_smile:

Any idea @ZsR ?

Hi Clement_F,

Sorry for the delay. Please set the advertising format of the firmware to ATC1441. That should solve the problem. :slight_smile:

Thanks that’s works !

FWI here is the atc1441 flasher: Telink Flasher
Download the firmware there: Releases · atc1441/ATC_MiThermometer · GitHub