Adding Nexa power plug PER-1500 (433 MHz) to Homey

I want to control my Nexa PER-1500 power plug through Homey 433 MHz, but cannot find the device listed in either the Nexa app or the KlikAanKlikUit app.
I see in the forum that several people have managed to connect their PER-1500 to Homey.
Anyone that has the conversion list between Nexa and KlikAanKlikUit, or that knows how to add to Homey or that are planning on programming it?

If it is a on/off switch just choose another on/off switch from Nexa. If it is a Dimmer choose another Dimmer from the same brand.
Works most of the time.

Brilliant, it works!! I was sure I had tried all of the smart plugs in the two apps without any luck, but with your confirmation that it should work, I was maybe more persistent. Thanks also for the quick answer.