Adding MyCroft as a voice assistant (on-site processing, full privacy unlike Alexa and others)

Hi All,

I like my privacy and hence I do not want to use for instance Alexa or Google Home to control my Homey since all the voice commands is sent to these two companies. One never knows when they turn on the mic and bug your home, on prupose or it is done by a hacker.

Based on this I would like all the voice procesing to be done on site. Looking around it looks like the MyCroft ( SW and HW is the best fit. (I welcome other proposals)

I have been programming for quicte some time (20+ years) but would like you help on how to enable MyCroft to control Homey.

What is needed is that MyCroft can ask Homey for a textual description of the devices and where they are located and then accept a request to change the status.

So, a number of basic questions:

  • Does it already exist an API that can be used to get a list of the devices and their location? I guess Alexa and GH also would need this kind of information
  • Does it already exist an API to set the vaules for a device?
  • If I need to write a Homey Application exposing this, any proposals for other applications that I could look at to get up and running faster? (Never written a Homey application before)

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This is very interesting indeed.

There is a API on the Homey you can consume through local network:

Second you need to make your own Homey app to send events etc to your mycroft device:

Keep me posted, if you can get this to work ill get some myself.

Did you make any progress I’m interested to but I don’t find any articles describing how to use it.

Is there any more news on information to find about open source voice assitants supporting Homey?

Have you looked at this? I’m not sure it’s built out completely, and you’d need to keep it the older Mycroft OS version for now, or migrate to our open source & privacy-centered OS, but it might do the job. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I will check it out!