Adding Leviton Wifi Outlets to Homey Pro


New to Homey Pro starting today. Everything for the most part has been smooth but now when trying to add several Leviton Smart Outlets to Homey Pro even after following the directions Leviton Outlets wont add into Homey Pro. I have downloaded the Official App, I have re-added the smart outlets but they wont add in. Only thing I can think is the issue is that I have Homey Pro set up on wifi. Tomorrow I will have set up on POE.

Is that the issue with Leviton Outlets not adding to Homey Pro?

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Hi Scott and welcome!

No, it hasn’t anything to do with if Homey Pro is connected via WiFi or LAN. The problem is, there is no Homey App for Leviton WiFi devices. The Homey Leviton App in the Homey App Store supports only Z-Wave devices:

Therefore it is not possible to connect Leviton WiFi devices to Homey.

There are 3 4 possibilities:
– Ask the app developer if they can add your devices to the app
– You can make a request here to ask if a Homey user is willing to program an app (please follow the instructions in the first post!)
Here you can request a brand. However, as there is already a Leviton app, I don’t know whether the request has any chance of success. *¹
– Replace your outlets with compatible outlets

*¹ added

Ok thank you.