Add Home Assistant entities as device capabilities in Homey

I’m using several integrations in Home Assistant and use these devices in Flows in Homey using the HA App. I have (for example) a wifi wall plug in HA, capable (HA=entities) to measure power, current and voltage. This device in HA is showing up as 4 devices in Homey:


How can I make this device show up in Homey as one device with 3 capabilities? I’ve performed a extensive search but found nothing that may help me to accomplish this.


For the measuring part you could try this (not tested):
To combine the sensors, create a virtual device, of type sensor.
Now tick the “current”, “power” and “voltage” sensors.
Feed each unique sensor value to each virtual sensor by using separate flows.
You’ll need the Mqtt Client app.

Example for the power sensor:
Mqtt Client "trigger when a message is received [[topic¹]] "
YourVirtualSocketSensorsDevice "Set a virtual sensor value measure_power² [[Received string³]] "

1)-With mqtt explorer you can discover the correct sensor’s topic
2)-This is the capability name of the Power sensor. For Current: measure_current, for Voltage: measure_voltage (All capabilities overview here.)
3)-This is the local tag supplied by the Mqtt Client trigger card.

I’m homey-less at the moment, so I can"t test, but maybe a virtual socket has these sensors as option, so you can emulate the complete HA socket.

Just stumbled on this topic…
when interested, the re-birth of the community HA app will make life much easier. You can install it side-by-side with the Athom HA app, when you want to give it a go.