Add flow cards for generic devices


My Homey pro has just been delivered and I’m on the steep end of the learning curve, I’ve got stuck and hope someone can help.

I have a connected a few of a new version TRADFRI bulb E27 CWS globe. They pair fine, but as generic devices. All the functions work but I can only add them to a flow by creating a new flow on device tab. As there’s no app link i can’t see a way to add a card to an existing flow. Is that a current limitation, or am I missing something?

A second question is how do I use the Group App? I’ve installed it, but when press the blue plus icon I only get the New Device or New Zone option, I was expecting a New group option too, but have I misunderstood the instructions?

Thanks in advance for any help.

For the second question, you need to add a new device and then choose the group app in the screen that pops up. Then you should be able to add and configure a group device including setting up the other devices belonging to the group

For your first question I’m not sure I’ve understood you correctly but if you start a new flow and then add a card, say a THEN card, right at the top of the list that pops up is “zones and devices” and tapping through the items in that list you should be able to find the generic devices listed and all available cards for those devices

Great, thanks for such quick help Jonathan, that got me going again.

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Stupid question I know but did you use the IKEA app to add your devices?

They didn’t, they added the device as a generic Zigbee device (“New Device > Zigbee”).

Yes Jim I used the app but it didn’t recognise the bulb and loaded it as a generic device. It’s a new version of the RGBW e27 so I guess that was why.

Should I register the details with Athom? How often are device updates done?

Him @Nik_Dixon I would log it with Athom, it is a "official’ app. Updates to the app happen fairly regularly, couldn’t say if it is fixes or device addition

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