Add bridge to Homey

Hi I try to add my bridge according description below. But it does not work, you have any suggestions on how to do it. I’m already using Homey and want to connect homey bridge connect homey bridge with the included power adapter. Homey Bridge will start rotating white and after a few seconds pulse with a blue color to indicate that it is ready for installation. Open the Homey Mobile App on your iOS or Android device. Navigate to the Devices tab. Tap the plus (+) symbol in the upper-right corner. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on and that the Homey Mobile App has permissions for your location. This is needed to find Homey Bridge automatically. Homey Bridge will be found automatically. Tap Connect to start the installation and follow the on-screen instructions.
Sincerely MAF

Hi, try disabling the 5GHz wifi of your router, during the pairing process.

How long are you using Homey?
Maybe you missed that Homey Bridge can’t be connected to an old Homey. (De kugel, white sphere )

You need to create a new cloud Homey using the invite code for the beta test. Starting with Homey Cloud

After that you can add a Homey Bridge to the new cloud Homey.


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