Activate a flow every 1st day of the month?

I would can I activate a flow every first day of the month?
I would like to use this to reset the value in my Neo Cool am power plugs.

AND (date and time) day number is 1 ?

Sure, but what’s the trigger?
Every day? Then when will to do that? at 00.00hrs?
Or every Hour? But isn’t it then quite a load on the system which is inefficient for something to be executed every month?

WHEN time is 00:05. He need to reset just once.
Will trigger every day just once so.


An alternative to Roco’s fine solution:
This should work, but I’ve no info about the time it triggers. My guess is it triggers at the moment when the date & month changes, just after midnight.

Does this actually work for you? I have couple of flows that should trigger every 1 month but they never do! I use them in an advanced flow where I have 2 triggers: “every 1 month” and “the time is 7:00”. Those two go to an “all” card so I thought that whenever the “every 1 month” triggers, it would register and then when it is 7:00 both conditions would be met and the flow would continue but it never does.

The ALL card could be the problem. Try ANY. I have no clue what to do with ALL, it never works. As I understand All means all triggers have to respond at the same time.

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What Marcel writes! :point_up_2:

The flow you @Krzysiek want / need is one of these. Note the downside of using the default delay.

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This results in a report on every 1st of the month

That’s better/easier Ria!
Krzysiek then could use “when the time is 07:00”

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That’s exactly what I added to my advanced flow after writing the post and looking through the different “when” and “and” cards but I was a bit afraid that it might not work either so thank you for the tip! This will work really well for my data export flow.
I still need something that will be triggered once a month but not on the same day of the month.
Interesting what you write about the “all” card @Marcel_Ubels. I always assumed that the card waits for other triggers but it seems like it only starts or activates further part of the flow if all the conditions are met when the flow is initiated.

Another solution that I got as a suggestion is to use a counter. It was suggested to me in this thread: How exactly does the "all" block working? - #5 by Dijker

I also added another “AND” card to it so instead of counting 31 days I will count 4: every day at 8:00 I will check if it is Thursday and if yes, I will increase the counter. When it reaches 4 and resets to 0, it means that 28 days passed - I wanted this flow to trigger once a month on a Thursday.

So if the first Thursday is a 1st, 2nd or 3rd of the month this flow triggers probably twice that month…

Is that what you want?

Yes, because for this specific flow, it does not matter if it happens within the same month or not, what my goal is, is to get notified every 4 Thursdays essentially and if there are 5 Thursdays in a month, that’s ok.

Thank you for the comment though because for another flow this could matter and I might have missed that.

For the flow that I want to trigger once a month, your solution is of course the way to go.