Action without command

Is there a device action history, where i can see what has triggered a device? A device has recently activated, without me triggering it (at least not intentionally).

Thank you…

open the specific device that you think did something and hit the following icon you’ll get a log of what flow or action triggered a device state change.

Ok thanks. Unfortunately i dont have that icon with my device. Its a fibaro roller shutter. With other devices, like fibaro switches, the icon is there.
Is there still a way to see the log?

maybe check timeline settings if its enabled for fibaro app other than that i dont know dont have fibaro myself to test but i have that timeline icon on all devices.

That log is just for boolean capabilities (on/off).
There is nothing for enum type capabilities or stateless buttons.

A workaround is to create a virtual device and add some flows to turn it on off when your device turns on or off. You can see the history then in that virtual device.

Another way is to log states in a similar way (eg Simple Log) optionally combined with notifications to the time line or another messaging app.