Action LSC Smart Connect

I don’t know either. You’d have to check the datasheet for the BISS0001B chip to find out how exactly the timer is configured.

if you don’t mind spending some time getting a key and ID you can use for the filament lamp and led strip.

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Great! This works! Thank you!

@RoyWissenburg @Rens_Brandwijk i did everything i had to do. But when doing the tuya-cli wizard i stopped. Something is wrong with my id’s. The third value i have to fill in is a ‘Virtual ID’ of a device. In iot Tuya i went to devices and selected the id of an device. But this isn’t the good one. Anyone here to help?

4 months later, he comes with a reaction :thinking:

I will answer you in… lets say 4 months :+1:

Haha yeah sorry. I was pretty annoyed that it just didnt’t work and had some deadlines on work (so forgot it a bit…) Now i’ve got an motion sensor too from LSC (action) so want to try to connect it too in the app. That was my trigger to go back to the topic and react. I think I have some problems with my Package.json or my connection to Tuya IOT.

@RoyWissenburg for some reason it is working now… Don’t know why because i did the same thing as the other days. New project is adding LSC Smart movement sensor in Homey. Added it like the lamp in the TUYA app, but it’s now showing in the homey app yet.


Ik heb de tuya app geïnstalleerd, alles werkt, behalve het dimmer via een flow, hoe kan dit?

Ik kan wel dimmer via apparaten…

Help me out!

Fout in de Flow, en als je die laat zien, kan iemand je verder helpen.
As this is the English part of the forum, you and I should post in English.

Show your flow, so someone can tell what’s wrong.

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where do I find the set up instructions as said by the App?
See the setup instructions for how to find the needed parameters.

Now I need to learn to read and understand Githubbian…

i hope there will be somebody who writes an app for Dummies like me.

I’m trying to add an LSC device (Smart LED) to Homey, therefore i followed the (somewere) above mentioned procedure
After some strugling i finaly came to step 6 to generate the nessecary input for the Tuya app in Homey. At this point it ends for me, i get an error (see below) and i have no idea what can be wrong.

Anybody an idea what can be wrong?

Device(s) failed to be registered!
Error: you don’t have access to this API
at OpenAPI._client.got_1.default.extend.hooks.afterResponse.response (/usr/local/lib/node_modules/@tuyapi/cli/node_modules/@tuyapi/link/node_modules/@tuyapi/openapi/dist/api.js:68:31)
at EventEmitter.emitter.on (/usr/local/lib/node_modules/@tuyapi/cli/node_modules/got/dist/source/as-promise.js:87:38)
at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:68:7)

Hi Guys,

There are new products on the market from Action store (NL)

Did someone already use these with homey?

Review from bright (in Dutch):

Wird die Tuya App auch bald für die Bridge funktionieren? :slight_smile:

There’s 3 Tuya apps: Tuya, Tuya Cloud, Tuya Zigbee.
But, only Athom could answer your question.


dürfte ich dich mal fragen, wie du die normalen Glühbirnen A60 mit der Fernbedienung verbunden hast? Das klappt bei mir irgendwie nicht :confused:.
Danke im Voraus.

LG Dani

I know that the developer of the Tuya Zigbee is working on the app for the bridge. I have no information on the other Tuya apps.

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Hi Dani,

I’m using the tuya cloud app. So first you need to connect them to the tuya app on your phone, than configure the tuya cloud app on homey, and add the devices…

Did you tried that?