Account Linking Issue

Couldn’t find an “Official” app thread for WiZ Connected, even though it’s Official so I’m hoping I didn’t miss the thread.

I’ve installed the app and attempted to add a bulb. The app instructions provide guidance: Go to Wiz App, get integration code, input into authentication window. I do all of those things and get a browser message that I’m done and can close the window. When I go back to my Homey app, I’m stuck on a Log in with your account screen and a message saying “Please log in on the website of the manufacturer.”

Is it possible that the account linkage flow is broken with this app presently?

Emailed Developer…the wait begins…

Did you try with both mobile and web app? Sometimes the results are better using the web app.

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Thank you!!!

I had tried both the Android and iOS apps. Web app was the ticket!

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