Cant find homey setup wifi to add extra account

Hi everyone,

Ive been trying to add another account to homey. I made a shareable link and sent it to the target device (an iPhone). After that i made an account on the iPhone and logged in. After login i tried to add my homey Pro to the new Account. However the wifi network im suppose to connect to isnt created by homey (the so called homey-setupxxxx wifi network).

How do I get my homey Pro to create the setup network so I can add my homey to the new Account ?

I dont want to do any kind of reset, i dont want to lose all my paired devices, flows and everything

Your second account is a user role, right?
You can’t add the Homey to this account. It’s already owned by the first one. Just login to the mobile app and that should be all. You should directly have access to the Homey.

Well actually I already logged in to the new Account . But instead of getting accès to homey in the app (like the 1st account) the app asks me to add a homey

Ok so quick update, i logged into the new Account. Resent the shareable link with the other device. Upon opening the link on the iPhone it now instantly opened the app and gave accès to my homey Pro and everything.

Thanx anyways Ronny !


I’ve seen such issues with other apps, too. It seems, the app forgets the passes parameter (from the link) if it’s going to the logon screen.
Already logged in, the link parameter is recognized.
Good to hear it’s working now.