[Abandoned] deCONZ

My zigbee network on HP23 has been pretty stable in the last week, comparable with Deconz I would say. I do have plenty of routers though (Linkind bulbs, Tuya plugs and only Aqara sensors). I still suspect I have wifi interference in the morning with some of the motion sensors (delay or missed motion alert), because I had this with Deconz as well before I changed the channel. Will change channel once it’s supported on HP23, it’s an occasional issue and only in specific places.

@wesley_w I would definitely give HP23 native Zigbee another try. Maybe try to add some supported cheap plugs add as router here and there? BTW: I don’t think devices dropping from the network should be caused by interference.

No experience with switching many bulbs at once, I only have a set of 2 in the kitchen and that works without any noticable delay.

Yes my zigbee network is stable at the moment. 4 routers and 17 end devices. So at the moment I’m quiet happy with the zigbee performance of hp2023

Yes - After a few days I have to inform everyone that my Zigbee Network directly to HP2023 is extremally stable and fast. I ditched some IKEA tradfri repeaters that where used in de deconz setup. I use some INNR and TUYA plugs as routers. I cannot see the node connection at the moment in the developer webpage but my ques is that all is routing properly.

EDIT: Suddenly without any notice my zigbee network got unresponsive again.


I also turned off deconz last weekend with no problems

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How do you guys run Deconz (Conbee II) on your Homey Pro 2023?
VM, Docker Raspberry etc ?

I now run everything directly via Homey 2023…

But is there a sdk3 for Deconz?

no, that’s why everything transferred to homey itself and so far no problems

The Conbee is registered with Home Assistant. The devices are then transferred to Homey via the HA app.

your lucky… after i added 90% of my zigbee devices to HP2023 zigbee became unresponsive, and i kept getting red led ring… so now im back to running deconz connected to my old HP

Since yesterday i got some Aqara PIR sensors and door/window sensors that are not responding or not always responding. So i see the same behavior with the zigbee as with my HP2016… I cannot transfer back to Deconz unfortunately because Deconz is not support on HP2023 :frowning:

Of course, Conbee 2 is supported on the eraly 23, only the way is different:

  • Install Home Assistant on the Raspi
  • Connect the Conbee stick to the Raspi
  • Install the deConz HA add on
  • Install your devices
  • Install Homey HA Community App on Homey
  • Import the devices with the Homey HA App into Homey
  • thats it


only thing i cant seem to get into homey through HA is switches… ikea pucks, hue switches, all other devices goes right in…

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I have the Same Problem. I have many Switches in Deconz.

What type of switches are you talking about?; maybe I can help.

I migrated to the HA community app recently and I was able to migrate every device.
(tho I also reconfigured the devices for use with Zigbee2MQTT)

You have to differentiate between switches and buttons.

A switch (on or off) can easily be added by the HA Community app as switch/plug device.

For buttons (only press, no on/off) it depends on the HA integration.
Some are providing sensors with a changing state on press. Others like Hue are only sending events. For events you have to use the app flow trigger using the event_type, devide id and button id.

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@RonnyW Are there any place I can read or see a video with a example of this, or in other words a noob explanation, that you know off?

If you are talking about HA devices (Deconz imported to HA and then imported to Homey via Community app), you can:

  • check your HA entities and their domain (the prefix of the name like button. or sensor.
  • check the entity state or state changes in HA developer tools. Search for your entity and check if the starte is changing when pressing the button.
  • check the events in HA developer tools if events are raised when pressing a button.

I can only show you the event version. But it’s also documented in then HA thread.

Here is an example with a sensor representation.

I think that this topic is now complete, and it’s time to create a new topic which relates to the new method - rather then I being hidden in this thread.

I’ll close this thread, please create a new thread for your questions.

We do this so others can quickly find the answers as well.


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