2nd Homey to lessen load on 1st - Best configuration?

So my Homey Pro 2019 (HP19) is running very low on memory and the Zigbee network is reaching it´s limits with 47 devices (18 Router, 29 EndDevice).

I have a Homey 2019 (H19) that´s been sitting in my closet with a broken Z-Wave chip that I decided to plug back in and start using together with my HP19.

I have already set up MQTT for this purpose and tested it so that I can share devices between them.

What I would need some help with before I continue is to decide the best way of distributing the devices, flows and apps between the two Homeys.

It would be easiest if I could handle all the flows on only the HP19 and just use the H19 to add some devices to. But I´m not sure of how memory intensive the flows themselves are compared to apps and to devices. So this might not really help to lessen the load on HP19 as I would need to keep all apps on it anyway?

Another way would be to distribute the apps (along with related devices) on different Homeys and distribute the flows evenly across both.

Or should I maybe go by zones. So all the devices in a certain zone gets added to a certain Homey?

Or by device type. Like all lamps added to one and all relays to the other etc.

What would you guys (or girls) say is the best course of action?

I live in a 1100 square feet one story house with a garage about 50 feet from the house. The garage has a lot of devices in it also.

A little note: When you mean you want to use Homey2 also for zigbee, be aware of the fact it is completely separate, and you’ll have to create it’s own mesh through the building. They cannot be combined as one mesh.

For exactly the same reasons, and for fun, I added a second Homey as well, and I have the same questions as you have :face_with_peeking_eye: :sweat_smile:
Only I also use Home Assistant with zigbee2mqtt, that’s a true joy compared to Homey zigbee.
With a Sonoff Dongle-E zigbee dongle this are the limits on the device number:
-Max direct children: 32.
-Max children: no limit on firmware, depends on platforms

Yeah I had that in the back of my mind, but it´s not a very big problem as most devices are close enough to reach without meshing. But it might still be best to distribute the devices based on zones. One Homey at each end of the house and split the house in the middle.

Also check out the Homesh app set.
It’s a controller app and a satellite app, both can be installed on both Homeys, to be able to control a Homey from the other one.

You can start Homey1 flows from Homey2 for example, or vice versa.

Homey2 as Controller

Homey1 as Sat

With local webhooks you can do similar controlling

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I had a quick look on that solution before I settled on mqtt.
As I understand it Homesh will not let me share devices, only start flows etc on 2nd Homey.

I need to be able to create flows on H1 using devices on H2 and vice versa.