2019 pro zigbee stops working after update

Zigbee device not working.
falls out almost every day. Using a apple ipad usb charger. (Switched to another universal USB charger. Same problem).
Several restarts won’t help. Last time I took the power for 5 min. Then it start working again(tips from this community).
How do I resolve this problem?
Do I need to send the unit back or something?

Are you sure it’s 433MHz?
Which apps are involved? And, do they still run? They can crash, or be paused by Homey.

Also report the issue to Athom support pls: Support | Homey

I have no idea why I wrote 433. It was every zigbee device etc.

I tried the “restart into recovery mode” from another thread ( they had the same problem on a 2023 pro).
But this method did not work. Zigbee driver unavailable etc. Full software installation don’t do anything. If I power it off for 10-15 minutes. It may work for 5 min. Then loose connection etc. (And it can’t use anything zigbee related).

Ah I see. I asked because 433 devices don’t show the
Screenshot from 2024-02-27 02-41-11
animation on the tiles, while they’re not ‘connected’ continuously.

Does it mean, not having any different result with zigbee, or didn’t the installation run and finish properly?

Are you aware of the fact 2.4GHz wifi can ruin your zigbee network? Did you adjust the channels of both already?

Yes. But this is not a 2.4GHz problem. I have tried 6-7 new installs tonight. Removed a lot of devices etc. After 3-20min. Zigbee / zwave stops working.
Driver errors etc etc. I could just do a restart the first days of this problem. Then I needed to wait 5 min etc with power of. Im on my third powersuply now. So I don’t think it’s a problem. I can control Hue etc in the homey app.
Is it possible to send it in or something? For a little fee and a replacement unit ? (I have the new homey pro. But i like the look of the older, and it has AUX).

Today homey connected to my homey, confirmed the zigbee chip is dead. No warranty because it’s over a year ago since I bought it…

They said I can send them the unit for a “software repair”. I will do that.

I also bought a used homey last night. That won’t connect to my wifi… :joy: IL go back to old switches next :laughing:

@Kristoffer https://legal.athom.com/?document=limited-warranty&language=en

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