Zwave thermostat for wood heater

Hi there!

I’m looking for a zwave thermostat that can send the temperature measured and other orders to my heater (I think the english word for it is “stove”).

Here is the card: (notice)

As you can see, the heater support an external thermostat in JP1. So i imagine there must be a zwave device wich can send temperatures to the heater.
My heater can receive a wifi device (here). This device can change the usual orders: change power, change timers etc. So the heater should receive orders from other devices.
What do you recommend? Only zwave please, i already have many zwave devices.

Thanks in advance for your help.

I doubt there’s an existing device that can do that, the sensors are NTC resistors which are analogue devices (basically, their resistance changes according to temperature). It’s technically possible to simulate an NTC resistor with a suitable programmable resistor (/digital potentiometer), but I don’t think those come pre-made as a consumer device either.

So in short: I think the WiFi device has a better chance of getting supported (but even then, you’re dependent on someone implementing support for that device for Homey).

Now you mention it, it’s obvious. Thanks!