ZWave Brands - which are better with Homey?


I’m making the transition from Vera to a Homey Pro. So far so good :slight_smile: I’ve migrated all our Philips Hue, and it appears to work great.

My next task is now to move our Zwave components over, which I suspect will be a lot more hassle. I have a mixture of Aeon, TKB, Fibaro, Quibino etc.

As we had so much reliability issues with Vera, I’m wondering if it makes sense to consolidate the number of brands that I use. Is there any benefit? I certainly could narrow it down to say Fibaro & Quibino, or down to a singe brand if that helps.



I think there is no reason to consolidate. If devices are supported in by Homey, then they should work without issues. Important is to have solid mesh network.

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I agree, but I must say the the NEOCOOLCAM powerplugs have a bad reception, I got 3 of them and I am going to replace them with Fibaro.

Good to know. I think I’ve only got a Neocoolcam PIR which isn’t being used at the moment. That seemed to work ok with Vera

The sensors are ok, just talking about the powerplugs

could be dependend on firmware version. I had a zipabox before homey ( 3 years ago) and had the same issue. But i’ve heard more people complain about this.