Zones work but not for me

I have tried to work with zones. It works, but i am not satisfied. I had a few problems;

  1. in my garage and hall I have many movement sensors and doorsensors. The Philips hue sensors work fine, but the xiaomi door sensors sometimes lose connection. When the lose connection and the dooralarm is on, the Zone stays active. This is really a big problem. You can take the device to a seperate zone as workaround.

  2. I renamed my floorplan that way that it’s alphabetical ordered. Zone A Tuin Zone B Garage etc. But when I use logical, like zone is exact B Garage it did not work. I tried several ways of writing, deleting the tag etc etc

So Zones are very easy but probably not for me. I remade my flows the old way, for every device one flow for on and 1 flow for off. That way i also have the ability to power off my bulbs after 90 seconds or 91 seconds🙃

1- well that’s not the zone’s function problem right? more an Homey’s range not being big enough.

2- why use the “exact” and not the “contains” logic card, unless you have 2 garages, 2 living rooms etc, contains is much easier to work with

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Fully agrea to that, that’s why I say it works but not for me

Good suggestion will use that in other flows