Ziggo router restart

Hi folks!

After installing the new Speedtest.net app, I was thinking about the various possibilities it can bring us.
As a Dutchie I’m using a Ziggo (ISP) router which tempts to fail pretty often, resulting in extremely low download and upload speeds.
As this is something the Speedtest could notice, I was wondering how easy it would be to restart the router by sending a command to the router.

Sure, I could use a Fibaro wallplug to turn off and on the router power, but that would cost me €60 and feels a bit excessive.
The Ziggo router webpage offers a reboot process, but not sure if this can be triggered easy.

Have one of you tried this before? Any other suggestions? :grinning:


je kan er ook een klikaanklikuit tussen zetten van 20 tientjes

Plz keep it in English. There is a lot of non-English topics on the forums these days.


Use a KUKA device or the ones from the Action (3pc for 10euro). €3,33 to solve your internet issues, coowl! But i am interested in a ‘direct link’ too tho. Maybe the url can get extracted and put credentials into and do a straight reset in the modem? Would be nice… :slight_smile:

Sure! KAKU devices could work, but triggering by URL just feels… cleaner?
I’ll see if triggering the URL will do the job, but since you need to login, I doubt it.

Personally I think there may be more router apps with functionality like this and network usage logging!

Not for the ziggo router, but my netgear router app can directly reboot the router from a flow. Also it monitors up/down speed.

I now have the netgear behind the kpn fiber router, but I used it for many years behind the ziggo router. The provider routers usually s*ck, and cannot be fully controlled by the user. By doing all my lan routing and wifi stuff in netgear I have full control, and could very easily switch provider without days of reconfiguring the router. It basically took me 15 minutes to switch from ziggo to kpn.

Just my 2 cents…

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Imagine the router has issues and lost connection (LAN+WAN)… Sometimes happens here.
All your smart devices will be hard to control, especially if you aren’t home.

I put a GSM switch on my main router (Aliexpress, very affordable), prepaid SIM card… Works every time!

Same here! I have a new Ziggo router and set it to operate in bridge mode. Behind there is a Nighthawk with al my settings. Switching was done in a couple of minutes.