Zigbee or Z-wave termometer, outdoor with display indoor

I am looking for some termometers on a reliable protocol (Zigbee ocr Z-wave) that have a sensors that can be outdoors, and with a display that can hang on the wall inside.
There are 433-models, like: https://www.teknikmagasinet.se/produkter/hemteknik/hushall/termometrar-vaderstationer/wireless-indoor-and-outdoor-thermometer, or https://www.teknikmagasinet.se/produkter/hemteknik/hushall/termometrar-vaderstationer/capidi-wireless-thermometer.
But I have some 433-stuff with my Homey (not those above but others), and it seems not so reliable (often unavalable).
Anyone that has an idea about anything like that?

Zigbee Philips Hue Outdoor Sensor, motion, temp and brightness

Netatmo weather station


There are no zwave or zigbee devices with a display at all, they all are just sensors that report to their controller.

I have a netatmo weatherstation for 3 years+ now with an extra sensor for upstairs.
I’m very happy with it and it also measures sound in db(main sensors) and co2 with the inside sensors on top of temp and humidity.
No display and works over IP though but works great with homey.

I have a friend that uses Netatmo, and he is very satisfied with it.

But I just wanted som small and easy sensor that had an indoor display so you can quick see the outdoor temp while passing.
Sad, if there are no ZigBee/Z-wave devices that has this, as there are many 433 that have.

The alternative is of course to have some kind of dashboard connected to Homey, wall mounted. I have seen there has been a lot of discussions about that here. Dont know where that has ended, if there are some neat ones that works.
But my small and simple goal, was just to have a display, showing temp, that you quickly can see when passing in tha hallway. Some hardware, or a clean app that I can have started on an old phone/tablet. But maybe there is no such thing then.


Why not a wifi weather station?

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I’ve been running a Netatmo weather station for a long time. The visual display takes place via a LaMetric. This works very well and both devices are compatible with Homey.