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When looking at the Zigbee State overview at developer.athom.com/tools/zigbee I see that some of my Zigbee devices that randomly get unresponsive after some time (days/weeks) have status ‘offline’ (mainly Xiaomi switches and motion sensors, but also Ikea Tradfri bulbs or GU10 spots occasionally).
What’s the mechanism behind this: do they contact Homey regularly and get this status when this contact has not occurred for some timeout period?
They sometimes come back online after a Homey reboot, but if this doesn’t work they can be fixed by unpairing and pairing again.
Unfortunately most of them disappear again after some time however.
The funny thing is that other devices of the same type don’t seem to have this problem, so I’m trying to find out what may cause this offline status.

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Hmm, wrong assumption: I see that all battery operated devices have status ‘offline’, also when they are still responsive.
Problem remains however so I’m looking for a way to debug.

Same problem here, some devices just loose functionality even though they are still connected. They are still in homeys devices list, but some dont have connection in the nodes list of the zigbee network.
This mostly happens with the Aqara line of motion sensors, and some wall switches.
Also the power plug loses its power-usage-reporting, while its on-off functions still work.

I suspect this is another Homey issue with zigbee in general…?

Besides the Aqara sensors I also see it with the IKEA Tradfri bulbs/spots occasionally: yesterday evening one of two GU10 spots ~ 50 cm apart from each other in my bathroom didn’t react (~ 4 or 5 meters away from Homey, but on the first floor, while Homey located at ground floor. According to the mesh overview both had a direct connection with Homey).
I retried it for 4 or 5 times with intervals but only one of the two kept reacting. This morning however both worked again??
Other spots at a larger distance from Homey, also with a direct connection, worked fine.

Today I have unpaired the Aqara HBS and window sensors that didn’t react anymore and re-paired them.
They’re working again now, but I see that in the Zigbee nodes overview at developer.athom.com only their own number is shown in the route, nothing else, while for other devices the routes are shown.
I’m not sure if it takes some time before the route shows up for newly paired devices, so I’ll check again tomorrow.

@TedTolboom Hi Ted, I wonder what happens if one of my Xiaomi battery operated devices has a connection via an IKEA tradfri bulb and the power of that bulb is switched off (I’m still trying to teach my children to don’t do that ;-)?
Will the Xiaomi device immediately use a different connection or how does that work in a Zigbee mesh?
And will it start using the bulb again once that becomes available again?

@Theo_Deckers any Zigbee device will start searching for an alternative route (neighbours) when the previous connection is lost… so yes, in theory it should work…

When switching on the bulb, the battery operated devices might not directly switch back to the previous connection. Only when there are issues with the current connection.

Thanks for the explanation Ted.
One other question: at the developer page in the Zigbee mesh overview sometimes in the rightmost column I see a real mesh: some nodes having direct connection (2 numbers), others indirect (3 numbers), but also occasionally the whole column only shows the number of the node itself (1 number).
Is this is a bug in the web page, is the information not available at that moment or …?

Well, I left the Zigbee mesh overview page open for some time and noticed that after some time it did show the complete mesh, so I have just been too impatient before :slight_smile:

Couldn’t you specify what „some time“ means?
I do not see any route but the single node number of the device - and I am waiting since days…

In that very Moment the routing appears :grin:

It’s not working correctly, yet, it that’s (another) Homey issue…

Open: https://developer.athom.com/tools/zigbee

Check if within the System information section (below the nodes table), the current command field is showing generateMap. If not, manually refresh the page.

Once it is showing, you’ll have to wait for 13.2 minutes before the routes are being shown.

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Looks like the latest rc (13?) managed to improve mesh routing and stability plus speed of map generation.
Thumbs up!

im totally failing to remove zigbee devices and re add them.

just get shepherd device not found error, and there is no option to remove anyway…
kinda stuck, 5 devices i cant 100% remove, they dont function at all and cent be re added…
I have an open ticket for this, had this issue since beginning of 2.0.0.x

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Which devices are you trying to re-add / remove in detail?
(Manufacturer, device) ?

All but one was working fine, it was that one not working one I couldnt get to connect properly, now after the zigbee network reset none will connect, and cant be removed either

2x GLEDOPTO ZIGBEE Led Controller, one as a basic Zigbee device and one using the Gledopto drive
2x Xiaomi Mi Smart Socket
1x Xiaomi Aqara Air Pressure Temperature Humidity Sensor

Try to ADD one of those devices.
Likely it will end up in a “duplicate device” error.

Then try to remove the same device; which now should work…

Thanks, tried that
That worked previously, but dosnt work now

Everying just gets stuck saying no shepheard device when I try and remove it.
And additional zigbee network resets fail.

I’m trying to avoid factory resetting my homey, as I have a bunch of things inside walls, behind power switches etc… pain in the ass factor high there

Do you get/see an error message after pressing the reset button?

This is the error I get when I try to reset the zigbee network

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I get exactly the same error. Haven’t been able to correctly add one single Zigbee device since i have my Homey. Always “not found” or “unknown device”. According to support the error shouldn’t cause that, but now you mention your problems, i have my doubts.

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