Zigbee appliance switches

Hello all, not sure if this is the correct forum…

I have just enough knowledge on Zigbee devices to be dangerous … I retired from TWC almost a year ago and had our Intelligent home wireless monitored security system. I only used it to control zigbee appliance switches that controlled half of my Christmas light show via a web interface. With that system I was able to turn on /off these switches at designated times, programmed via a windows PC to the minute. The devices are Central lite 4256050-RZHAC switches.

I run a 35k light show for 30 minutes, then it dies and comes back on for 30 minutes statically along with more lights and 60 inflatables, which are controlled by the switches.

What software , app or device can I use to control these switches? I must be able to control these to the minute.

Thanks, Rick