Zemismart M1 Matter Hub integration

Hello all,

Looking for some information on integration of the Zemismart M1 Matter Hub into Homey Pro 2023. It’s a Tuya matter bridge that incorporates both Zigbee and Thread and is supposed to be able to connect non matter Zigbee devices and Thread devices through the Tuya or Smart Life apps and bring them into other ecosystems with matter multi admin. It does pair with the Tuya apps through a matter QR code. And I’ve been able to get it in Smart Things via matter. It also connects with Alexa with the Smart Life skill. According to the manual for the device a sub device must be connected to the hub before matter sharing can be done. So I’ve added a LinPTech presence sensor and it becomes available in ST and Alexa. Problem is that when trying to pair with Homey via matter both it’s own matter connection or through Android, the hub nor it’s sub devices are not connected. Also will not pair with matter multi admin from ST or Alexa. When pairing sequence is initiated it says it’s connecting then throws error saying device couldn’t be found. Any suggestions would be great because Homey’s own Tuya Zigbee app doesn’t include mmWave presence sensors. I do have some Aqara FP2 sensors operating via HomeKit Controller but it would be nice to be able to connect much cheaper Zigbee based sensors either through direct protocol or matter. Thanks ahead for any information.

I had similar issues with iOS and raised an issue with Homey support, this was their response

“ In your case, Homey requested data from the device, and the device responded with an answer which is not following the Matter specs. Homey cannot connect with the device because it receives invalid data.

This issue should initially be solved by Zenismart, they should develop the device in such way that it responds according the Matter specs.

It looks like Apple handles this invalid data in another way and still is able to connect the device. I’ve asked Development to have a look at the issue, and maybe find a way to pair the device even when the received data is invalid.

Unfortunately, I can’t give any guarantees on if this is possible for us and can be resolved, but please know that it has been forwarded to our development team and it will be investigated. We hope to resolve this issue as soon as possible, of course.”


Looking forward to it. Was also thinking that the Zemismart hub wouldn’t pair because the sub device I connected was a mmWave presence sensor and Matter does not yet support it. :person_shrugging: But then I wouldn’t think it would connect to Smart Things and onboard the sensor.

Some presence sensors work. I am using the Sonoff SNZB-06P via the official Sonoff app and another one I bought from Amazon via the Tuya community app (test version). Both are working great with Homey.

Homey must have recently added support for that one, as I have the same sensor that I tried integrating a couple months ago and it would not pair. Thanks, I’ll give it another go

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Its the community app by Johan Bendz. Its the test (beta) version. Also Go Cubs Go :slight_smile: