Z-WAVE Generic, some questions

Hi there. Some (newbe) questions. If you can’t find the App or device for a Z-WAVE Plus device, is it possible to connect it as an Z-WAVE generic device?

And can you connect a Z-WAVE plus device (f.i. a door contact) to multiple gateways so to Homey and another device? This at the same time?

Perhaps some z-wave gurus can elaborate on my answers.

Yes, it can be added as generic device if no app available. It will get basic on/off commands.

A z-wave device can only be include into one controller regardless that device is z-wave or z-wave plus.

1 is indeed correct. On/Off only

2 though can be a bit more complicated, it is correct you can only connect it to 1 gateway, but most devices can send also commands on association groups, like an on/off signal to other devices, then it just depends if that receiving device knows what to do with that signal.

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