Xiaomi Roborock S5 - Room control by voice via Alexa / Siri via homebridge

I was annoyed by the fact that the S5 does not allow direct room control by voice via room name/ID and implemented a solution:

My main requirements:

  1. Voice control via Alexa/Siri
  2. Roborock stays in Fritz guest network
  3. no coordinates fumbling!

Room control is also possible with Homey via the Alexa app (routine card) with this concept directly.

The concept using the know how of various websites.
If there is interest I can explain the following in more detail and provide the links.


  • LAN Network → Synology, Alexa, Homey, iPhone
  • Guest net → Xiaomi Roborock S5

Synology :

connected with 2 separate networks

  • LAN Network (IP Fritzbox LAN net)
  • WLAN USB antenna (IP Fritzbox guest net)

Docker → Homebridge Container with Plugins

  • Plugin Homebridge Xiaomi Roborock Vacuum
  • Plugin Alexa (+Alexa Homebridge Skill + Registration)


  • Mi App not Roborock App