Xiaomi mi home, roborock s5 offline

I have a problem with my roborock in homey. Ita staten as “the device is unavailable” “offline”.

I have tried restarting the app in homey, homeyapp and original vacum app.

This also happened a couple og weeks ago. That time I added the vacum all over. But I rally wish not to do this again, since I Will have to add all room coordinates and rebuild all flows that contains the vacum…

Hope someone has a clever trick to fix this. Wold make my life a hole lot easier.

Thanks, Tor

Nobody out there that had experienced something similar?

Sorry, Tor. I own an other brand.
Did you set a fixed IP address for the roborock? Did someone enter an IP address on a device (which could cause 2 devices sharing 1 IP address, and that’s not working well). What changed a couple weeks ago? A new Wifi device/client? Did a neighbour install a mega wifi system?

Thanks for the reply Peter.

Im not sure that anything did change. not that I know about at least.
How do I set the IP adress fixed? in Homey you mean?

YW Tor. If i’m correct, you had to couple the s5 with wifi while setting it up.
To reserve an IP address (set it as fixed IP), in short:
Open your routers’ webinterface.
In case of a KPN router: At the LAN section, look for the DHCP section, and then DHCP bind. Here you can link the MAC address of the s5 to the IP address it has at the moment. Now the s5 always uses that IP.
Screenshot (partly anonimized):

If you need any more help, just ask.

Thanks alot! The ip is now reserved. So I guess time Will show.

My fingers are crossed:) thanks again!

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