Xiaomi Mijia Dafang camera

Hi. Anyone can suggest how to integrate the Xiaomi Mijia Dafang IP cam with homey? Eventually can you suggest a working url for virtual camera? Many thanks!!

First of all: Welcome!

Second: you can only integrate snapshots of your camera into Homey. The Dafang/Xiaomi/Wyze cam is not yet supported, unfortunately. I have 2 of those cams on the way. I want to see if I can integrate them somehow with Homey.

Thanks a lot!!! Have a good day


If you have some technical skills you can make it supported using this.

In Homey? This is the firmware that enables the camera’s to use RTSP, so you don’t have to use their slightly questionable cloud services.

Next to a RTSP stream (which is not supported in Homey) it also exposes a snapshot URL which can be used with the virtual camera in Homey.

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