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Xiaomi Fang doorbel cam to tv

I am very pleased that it work.
Did take some time to get it working and figure out how to do it.

it started a few weeks ago and installed the Xiaomi Fang camera at the front door with the fang hack.

I was able to sent a picture to the phone when the bell was pressed.

For the camera to work not only with the rtsp stream but also with image.jpg i needed a different hack.

Some french info about this one http://domo-attitude.fr/camera-xiaomi-xiaofang-flux-jpg-domoticz-jeedom/

But i did not want to look on the phone when watching the tv.
I already have a chrome cast on the Onkyo receiver and a LG tv.

I have created 3 flows to get it working.
1e one is just for the doorbell itself to send a picture

Here the picture is send.

I made (copied) a HTML page where image.jpg is refreshed every second or so and i stream this to the chrome cast.

<script type="text/javascript">
// <![CDATA[
var refreshrate = 1;          // seconds between refresh
var image       = "";    // image name
var imgwidth    = 1280;        // image width
var imgheight   = 720;        // image height
var imgalt      = "WebCam Image";
var imgtitle    = "header=[WebCam Image] body=[WebCam Image Automatically Updated Every 30 Seconds] ";
function refresh() { document.images["pic"].src = image + "?" + new Date(); setTimeout('refresh()', refreshrate ); }
document.write('<img src="' + image + '" alt="' + imgalt + '" title="' + imgtitle + '" name="pic" id="pic" width="' + imgwidth + '" height="' + imgheight + '" style="border: none;" />');
// ]]>

And the flow for the camera to tv

Here is a video how it looks like :slight_smile:

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Little bit off topic, but what button is that? :slight_smile:

Xiaomi wireless remote switch… of course… :grin:

Can it be used outside? I’m desperately looking for a doorbell-button that has a better range than 433Mhz… :frowning:

It’s not designed for outdoor usage… but with a soldering iron, you should be able to connect a normal door button to it…

I only used it for testing indoor.
On the outside it is a kaku doorbel