Xiaomi/Aqara ZigBee door sensor open/close timer functionality!


I am using a Sonoff Basic to open my garage door and Xiaomi/Aqara ZigBee door sensor for the door open/close state detection.

So my question is about creating a flow which will trigger the Sonoff Basic if Xiaomi door sensor is ON more than 10 minutes, so I can be sure that kids are not forgetting my garage door open.

Can you please help me with this flow?


And u did ofc use the search function of this wonderful forums.
Here is an example of what u need. When u search for “timer” u will get more leads.

Thanks but I don’t see any useful info on that treat which can help me, I can’t find the timer function in the FLOWS.


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Ah well. Here is the timer app.
And here is an explanation on how to create a timer.
The link on how to use that timer i alr gave u. Ok ok, here it is again.
Then we make:
WHEN door sensor is open THEN start a timer for 10 minutes.
WHEN door sensor is closed THEN stop timer.
WHEN timer is empty THEN trigger whatever u like, like the Sonof Basic.