Xiaomi Aqara curtain motor

Does any one know how to learn the Xiaomi curtain motor how long the track is? My curtain is stopping halfway out on track because the motor isn’t calibrated I think.

What I remember: reset the curtain controller (see a video here). After that the curtain opens and closes for the first time, and it calibrates the length of the rail again.

Thank you. Now everything works perfect.

Hi all,

After some effort i managed to get set the curtain postion for the whole rail. Now i noticed in the app that when i press close the curtains they actually open. Also the other way around. It is workable but somehow annoying. Does somebody have a suggestion what this could be and how to fix this?

I have the same with 1 of my controllers. I believe that @TedTolboom has a fix for that in the v5 version of the App.

@Colima2710 I almost have an update for it…
I am about to start adding the different configuration options to the Aqara app.
I am in contact with Aqara to get the formal documentation so I can do it right directly, other then based on the reverse engineering efforts of me and several other open source platforms.

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That ia great Ted, i will wait in patience for the update. Is that for the test version (homey v5)?

Hi guys, is this issue solved? I face the same :slight_smile:

Hi Peter,

As far as i know not yet

Any news?

Any update on this? I still have the issue where open is closed, and closed is open.

Me three, anyone willing to spend some time and effort on this?

Try the Brel Motors App, it can reverse the direction.

During instal it asks for a button press of the remote, which it doesn’t have?