Cheapest smart curtains?

I’m about to renovate my living room and want to put some smart curtains in… What’s the cheapest and best solution to use with Homey?

Dont know if it is the cheapest or best, but I ordered slide. I havent received them yet, so dont know how they perform in real life. They are meant to be used on regular straight curtains as retrofit installation.

It almost sounds like ur from Holland :joy:

I should probably add that it’s a bay window, so slide won’t work since it’s straight track only

So the cheapest solution that is the best in making a lot of noise and ripping your expensive curtains?

Depends a bit on your requirements…
Single sided / double sided closure (independent or linked), manual opening possible, tracks that will be in plain sight or hidden, tracks with a corner (what angles?), noise levels that are acceptable…

I have good experience with the Aqara curtain controller as quite silent motor…
the tracks have corner pieces for 45 or 90 degrees…

You’ll need to check carefully on the ordering of the tracks. Some sellers deliver in pieces of 50cm, some in pieces of 200cm. Also the fixation pieces differ…

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Hmm… All sounds terribly complicated to even buy the right thing!!
Cheapest probably wasn’t the right word - best value is more what I meant

Single sided / double sided closure: Double linked
manual opening possible: ideally
tracks that will be in plain sight or hidden: Depends on the tracks - if it’s a normal curtain pole, plain sight, if not, hidden…
tracks with a corner (what angles?),: 45 degrees (ish - victorian house so would need to check)
noise levels that are acceptable: obviously!

I’m planning on buying Forrest in the future, but they’re not the cheapest… (that’s why I’m still ‘planning’ :stuck_out_tongue: )

I have been reading about the “slide” guys,
seems like a nice product and oke price.

Brel motor, instant compatible with homey

Slide is really awesome, but indeed not suited for every type of curtains. However, if they fit with your situation, go for it!

I have had one running for about 2 months during the beta and I really really really miss it. I expect them to be delivered in october or november, looking forward to that moment…

Are you able to tell me which tracks I need for the Aqara curtain controller? Seems to be a few different options…

If I would order my next tracks… I would follow @Eternity’s advise to order at this shop:

Simply, because I also received my first track in 50cm chuncks (that fit together nicely), but since the tracks are in plain sight, I’d prefer to have as less as possible joints…

Perhaps @Eternity can share pictures of the tracks as installed at his house.

Thanks. Yes, would be great to see some!

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I have replaced my Kallox + KaKu ASUN-650 rails. The Kallox were pretty noisy and the KaKu’s I wanted to replace with two-way communication.

The first rail came in 50 cm chunks, later I found a shop that shipped in bigger segments. Thats the shop Ted mentions. You do risk import charges, as these packages literally stick out… I was lucky 3 times in a row. And also my 3 zigbee curtain controllers - order separately - were not taxed.

If you replaces Kallox and KaKu, which ones do you have now?

Definitely want to get longer than 50cm chunks…
Are these the only rails you can really use with these solutions or are there ‘flush’ mount ones you can get?


and the zigbee xiaomi curtain controller

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Just in case anyone else is looking it seems this is the link for the track only:

The link you sent includes the dooya motor…

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Where do you get the corner pieces? Can’t see them :frowning:

Thanks @vaderag !

I have not used corner pieces myself. They do exist. I would contact the shop via e-mail and check if they can help. I found them extremely helpful.

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