Willing to pay someone to come over to help fix the system

Hi I took over the homey system, some things don’t work and I’m looking for someone willing to fix it with me and teach me for next time. i live in the Utrecht area.

thank you

Maybe we can help you here?
That would probably be quicker and cheaper for you :slight_smile:

i tried it but it is very hard to explain,and nothing has worked before

I looked at your other topics. You give very little information when asking for help :slight_smile:
Maybe try explaining your problems more elaborately, people tend to be more helpful when they don’t have to ask for every little bit of information.

Do you have any experience in home automation?
Or electricity? I saw the photo of your light with the Fibaro-module, did you get that working?

Yes i’m sorry i will try to be more specific. I did fix all the previous topics. the issue i have here is with a switch, it is physically connected to the lamp but it has a fibaro dimmer between. The light went off and now the switch is dead.

Can you still control it through Homey?

How was the switch/module connected? Can you upload some detailed pictures?

I can but the light stay on they do not respond when i turn them off with Homey. i dont have a pic with me i will add it later. the lights are permanently on

Is it this light?

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Hi No this is fixed i will upload a picture when i get home

So i made some progress, i replaced the box in my switch (dimmer 2 fibaro) and connected it with homey, but the light keep flickering and i dont know why they do that any idea? plus the box does not react to the switch (meaning does not switch on or off

With ‘box’ you mean the Fibaro-module?

How many watts are you lights? LED I suppose? You need at least 25w if I remember correctly or you risk they start flickering. You can fix this by putting the Fibaro Bypass between your light and module.

Please upload some pictures of how everything is connected :wink:

Hi Fire69,

thanks a lot for your time :slight_smile: yes the lights are 50w each I added a bypass to one of them, in the pictures you cannot see it but they are connected together with a socket in which the plugs from each light is plugged

Why is there a wire in S1 AND S2? Where does the S2-wire go to?

I think is best if you tell me where it should go :slight_smile: thanks again

isn’t that for the switch?

S2 is only used if you have 2 switches connected to the module.
I don’t think you have that, so it shouldn’t be used. That’s why I’m wondering where that wire is going :slight_smile:

Did you check the manual?
If you have 1 switch you need to connect it in one of these ways:

Depending on whether you have a neutral wire or not…

hi yes i do have 2 switches

See, that’s info you should give when you first describe the problem :wink:
I suppose that wire for S2 is OK then…

What happens exactly when you use the switch? Nothing at all?
And did you already do a calibration through Homey? It’s possible it is set for the wrong type of light now (and flickers because of that)

I fixed it! i’m not completely sure how but it works now


Did you physically change the wiring?