Will Satellite support thread?

When looking at the new Homey Bridge, I do not see any stats on Thread as part of its capability. Does that mean as a satellite once Thread is enabled on Pro will not be extended by the Homey Bridge satellite or will that be a feature that is enabled in the future?

the only Homey Bridge I know is introduced ~ 2 yrs ago, that has a older Zigbee Chip that afaik is not capable of Thread.

So, probably not until there is a new Homey Bridge…

But What’s the advantage for you to have that in the Homey Bridge configured as Satellite?

You probably have more with a Thread router like a Socket or always powered switch…
Do you already have a lot Thread devices?

I do not have a lot of Thread devices, but I am trying to understand limitations as I do plan out the future of my smart home. Right now because I have so few thread devices I have gaps in the network that makes some not very reliable, if I could use a satellite to improve this then I could place one in a good location to improve the network.

Based on what I can see, this is a new version of the homey bridge. Homey Bridge

It’s the original Homey Bridge.There is currently only one model.
Homey bridge does not support any local WiFi connectivity for devices.
It does not support Thread.

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