Wifi connection

I have a new Homey Pro, but I can’t connect is to the internet.
At the installation the homey seems to connect to my Wifi connection, but after that the yellow ring is blinking and nothing happens.

Can you explane the steps you followed?

For example you did install the smartphone app first like mention in the getting started information

Yes i tried the information you send.

1e connect Homey to the power
2e go to setup athom
3e connect to homey (ring red)
4e Choose the wifi network (color ring blue)
5e Afther a few minutes (ring yellow)
6e nothing happens

I have tried this many time also with a other router

You have dual band Wifi? And do both bands have the same SSID? Then try to switch off the 5ghz band or give it a different SSID temporarily. After Homey is connected you can set it back as it was.

When you use the search function you can find numerous topics about Wifi trouble: https://community.homey.app/search?q=wifi%20problem
The upper one gives a guide: Problems connecting your new Homey to your WiFi? Try this!

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I have tried that but it doesn’t work.
I also tried to do it with a new router, and this won’t work eigther.

Then you should contact your seller and ask him to replace the unit under warranty.