Why does Homey Pro query DNS (internal) for SOA (source of authority) of domain "local"

Dear all,

I love Homey, let’s start with this first!
But I also love my pi-hole :slight_smile:

I see Homey asking my dns, for about 2 times a minute, who the SOA is for domain “local”
And this is filling up my query logs.

So I have these questions:

Is there a setting in Homey, were I gave it a domain name of “local”?
Is this a setting of Homey that can be changed or is it hard-coded?
Why is my Homey doing this?

Hope someone can help me, finding the answers to my questions.

Thanks all, for your time and effort,

With kind regards,

Not specifically, but Homey will present itself on the local network as “Homey-XXX.local” to allow for autodiscovery.

It’s hardcoded.

My guess is that it’s an underlying piece of system software running on Homey, like the Avahi/mDNS daemon. It’s fairly common for OS’s to do regular SOA probes (there’s probably a good reason for it), but it’s not something you can disable.

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