Why Aeotec ZW139 won't connect to Homey 7m distance?

Hello, I have a problem with a relais. When it’s next to Homey it can connect and I can control it.
But on its target position, it won’t connect. The distance is only about 7m.

For testing I’ve now plugged in a Fibaro wall plug. That is working fine. But why it will not be used as repeater/mesh?

Node 2 is the socket
Node 24 is the relais

no z-wave device update it’s internal table of which devices are nearby on its own, that is why it has a heal button (when you click the 3 dots), so try that (on both devices), and wait a few minutes, and try again

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Thank you! I’d tried this before, without success. But now it helped and the relais is working!