Which Nest Cam is which

Hi Guys,

Anyone have multiple Nest Cams - in the homey app they are all labelled ‘Cam’ how the heck do I know which one is which?

Once I can identify which camera is which I can rename them in the Homey app - and then moving forward its fine.


Don’t they have a ip adres?
Maybe under the advanced setting of a cam.
Hold the tile of the cam, maybe there is more info about a ip adres.

Yep tried that and no joy - if I could find IP address or MAC address in Homey then I could work out which one is which

Well, they are camera’s aren’t they, don’t they show any pictures in Homey? (or is that too obvious.)

Yep too obvious- no images in Homey

Turn a camera off and Homey will show an exclamationmark if Homey lost contact.
Maybe that will work?

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Thanks – yes tried that and nothing changed in Homey

Apart from uninstalling Nest app – then turning off all cameras and adding them one by one – I cant think of anything else

But that would lose all of my flows etc

Surely it cant be that difficult to see which is which – everything else from Nest carries a label as to what it is

There is a script somewhere on this community where you can remove a device and add the flows to a new device.

Found it.

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