Which Fan with z-wave/zigbee for the Homey?

Which portable fan in tower or other format is supported by Homey Apps using zigbee, z-wave or wi-fi?

Bluethooth is also a possibility, but due to little bluetooth range (of to large house) I am not interessed in that technology.

I haven’t tried either fan myself, but there is an app from Dyson and there is also a supported fan from Xiaomi Mi.

If it’s a normal fan, you can use a Smart Switch to switch it on and off. But of course you can’t change the speed then.

Dyson works over wifi and Athom kinda fucked it up. Somehow there are a Dyson fans that cannot connect to the app. In order to fix it I was mailing with Athom. Now they fixed it but the app requires v5. Which is in beta now and doesn’t have support for older apps.

So, before buying a Dyson, I would check if Athom is screwing you over or not.

same experience with the dyson app. If it works, athom somehow fucks it up with an update and everything goes wrong… I’ve given up contacting them…

Me too. When support told me that I needed to upgrade to v5 I told them they were shit. I couldn’t help myself. I cannot understand why you would force users to a major version (where half of the apps won’t work) for a simple bug fix.
The’re comeplete idiots, and that is what I read (between the lines) on this forum: odd choices, very odd choices.

But the bottom line is this: I cannot add my Dyson to Homey (and all of the sudden not to Home Assistant), I do have it in HomeKit (with Homebridge). I have my Auping beds that only work in Homey (not in HomeKit or Home Assistant) and this list goes on and on. I had hoped that Homey was a decent product, considering it depends highly on third party developers.