Where is the chat function in the homey app


it looks like i’m blind… :)) Could someone tell me where i can find the chat-function in the homey app?

If you mean the function to “talk” to Homey by typing a phrase, try the text balloons on the top left corner…

i know this balloons in the past but i can’t see it within the actual app.

This one?

Upper Left corner on Flows or Devices

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i have no balloons in the upper left (i use the apple-app). very strange that

Sorry, forgot the important part… :stuck_out_tongue:

" … of the flow page"

See your last message now, that is indeed strange.

not in my app. :))
i checked my iphone and my ipads… no balloons… but i know this function and i used it sometimes, but i checked that never again with the version 2.XXXX and today i would use it but can’t find it.

I may be wise to report this to Athom: https://support.athom.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
Could be a bug or maybe it’s “hidden” somewhere else in the Apple app.

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ok i will open a request. thanks.

No, should be in the upleft corner, i have it there. (Iphone X)

I have a iPhone X and the chat function is visible both under devices and flows. So it can’t be related to mobile or something.

I have s iPhone 8 and also no Ballons for chat. Thought I was blind :joy:

But now I think tibia a bug

i opened a ticket on athom’s-side if receive an information i will post it in this thread

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the answer from bram (athom-support) is:

if you set up your homey with the german language, the chat symbol is not displayed because homey does not support the chat function for the german language (yet).
change the homey language to english or dutch and you will have the chat-function again.