Where is Homey Mobile App v8.2.0?

I might be missing something, but the Android version 8.2.0 has been “Live” for several days now and I can not find it🤔. I’m only running a stable system, but normally the updates are available on Google soon after they are marked as live.
Anyone that has gotten the update?

I’m running version on my Android device

Have you beta testing activated?


I asked about this for a previous release. Updates are rolled out progressively so it can take a while to reach your device.


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Thanks, You might be right. Normally I get the updates the night after the release, but time will tell. I did submit a support ticket to Athom, so now I try to be patient. I will write here if I get clarity!

6 May
Today a few hours ago the new release was available in Google Play and it upgraded as usual. New experience for me! Thanks for all input!